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Best Flight Deals to Comox, Canada (YQQ)

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Comox: the best tourist destination on Vancouver Island (YQQ)

This city is in the Comox peninsula on Vancouver Island, on the coast of the Strait of Georgia. While there is sea on one side, there are mountains on the other. There is the Comox glacier which is visible from a number of spots in the city while Mount Washington is also close. There is a large forest cover outside the city and there are a few golf courses too. So, whether you want to test the waters, go hiking in the mountains or ride bikes through the forest trails, all options are available for you. If you need flights to Comox, we will be able to assist you.

The region once named plentiful

The region is bountiful and has been for thousands of years. Just like the first nation, the settlers here found fish, game and agricultural produce in abundance. Fishing has been a major economic activity here for centuries and forestry was introduced by the settlers. With so much fresh produce you can expect the farm-to-table experience at most restaurants. Apart from seafood, you can expect a number of restaurants serving European and improvised cuisines. The city remained aloof from others for centuries, apart from some travel through seaways. The roads and rails, not only connected it to other cities on the island but bought more opportunities for business and hence brought prosperity. If you are after cheap flights to Comox, you will find them right here.

What people do here to earn a living?

The city is not too large in terms of population with almost 15 thousand people residing here. There is a port here used by all cities and towns in the Comox Valley. There is even a naval base here, which serves both the Navy and the Army. There is even an air force base here. The economy of the town is dependent on serving them and all of their needs. Tourism is also a major industry here with hundreds of thousands of passengers crossing the airport gates every year. The weather here is enjoyable through all four seasons of the year, not getting too cold in winter or too hot in summer. If you have some business here we can arrange plane tickets to Comox for you.

A fun city to visit in any season

If you are new to the city or a visitor here, you must visit the parks here, some along the coast while others are close to the forests. You can ride your bike, go kayaking or try paddle boats. If you like drinks, there are wineries and breweries to see. The markets with shops will have everything for you including and souvenirs. There are a few museums and First Nation art galleries that will tell you the story of everything that has happened here over the last few centuries. Skiing is a popular sport here in the winter apart from other snow fun. We offer the best airfare to Comox, in case you are planning a trip here.

Frequently Ask Questions ?

Are there any non stop flight deals to Comox?

You can find these easily through a simple search for flights with us or alternatively just call us at the Toll-Free number +1-844-609-9922.

Are there any direct flights to Comox BC from my city?

There are direct flights to this city from a few cities in Canada and not many from outside the country.

Are there any Air Canada flights to Comox?

This airline offers flights to this city, but not too frequently.

Which is the best day to book flights to Comox, Canada?

Booking flights at the earliest is the best bet to get the air tickets on your terms. As for the cheapest day of the week for these, you can try your luck on Wednesdays.

Name the best airlines to fly to Comox?

WestJet offers more flights to this city than any other airline.

Airport information

  • Comox Airport information
  • Airport : Comox Valley Airport
  • IATA Code : YQQ
  • Phone : +1 250-890-0829
  • Address : 1250 Knight Rd, Comox, BC V9M 4H2, Canada

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